The Amazing Anitpodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask

There has been one product receiving quite a lot of buzz recently here in the blogosphere, or maybe just my bloglovin subscription list? It is none other than the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask.

Some quick bits of information:
– Antipodes is a New Zealand Organic Skincare Brand
– This mask is intended to “cleanse & intensely hydrate your skin”
– The fragrance consists of Vanilla & Mandarin
– This product is supposed to be beneficial for all skin types, especially those who have blemish prone skin (tick)
– You can purchase this mask at Priceline

To use this product, I firstly wash and cleanse my face, dry up and apply a pea size amount of product as you see below. The consistency of this mask is somewhere between normal and thick. Scent wise, it is incredibly fresh like all other Antipodes products that I’ve tried, but this one does also have a faint sweet scent.

Upon applying this mask, it feels like a normal cream that you spread over your face. The product then warms up slightly and provides a tingle effect. I personally feel like this is a sign of the mask working its magical powers. Typically, I leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes, but having said that I also keep it on for longer on nights that I want additional TLC.

When I wash the mask off, my face is left smooth and appears overall less aggravated. All in all, I love this mask and how it makes my skin feels so luscious. I reach for this mask once every second night and sometimes even more frequently, because I love it that much.

This is definitely a skincare product that I would highly recommend for a good old pamper session.

Have you tried this mask before?
What is currently your favourite mask?

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