Maxfactor Mascara and Primer Review

Today I’m going to review Maxfactor’s Excess Volume Mascara* & Face Finity All Day Primer*. As someone who is personally quite picky about mascaras and primers, this should be quite interesting.

As you can see the Excess Volume Mascara has two sides which look very promising as both of the brushes appear clearly different from one another.

When applying this mascara, what I noticed is that this formula is very wet and as with most dual sided mascaras I find it difficult to find the benefits to both sides. As in, I didn’t notice a significant difference on my lashes before or after the second side. Straight away the wetness of the formula made the product move to other areas around my eyes – not cute. This formula is also a little too heavy for my short stubby lashes and as a result I don’t get much lift.

Sadly, this mascara made my lashes fairly clumpy. Overall, this mascara isn’t for me. But if you have long, strong lashes and not an oily skin type this product might be worth trying as I’ve heard many other positive reviews about this product.

On the other hand, I’ve discovered a holy grail in the Face Finity All Day Primer. It is INCREDIBLE. The primer goes on feeling slightly wet and it made me quite worried that it wouldn’t sink in. But it actually did and very quickly. It wasn’t dewy and felt very smooth. When I touch my face, it feels a if I just applied a really fine setting powder. This primer is an amazing base for both powder and liquid foundations. Usually primers are a waste of time for me, but honestly since using this product once, I haven’t stopped! This primer has joined my everyday makeup routine and I have noticed a significant difference in how smooth and easily my makeup applies because of it. Also note (to my new readers), my skin is very oily and this primer actually adds longevity to my foundation, rather than making it look like an oily mess. Cannot recommend it enough.

Have you tried either of these Maxfactor products before?
What is your current favourite mascara & primer?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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