Makeup Game Changers

Overtime, I’ve discovered products that have truly changed up my makeup ‘game’. They’re products that I can’t stop using and I also can’t stop recommending.

Beauty Blender
Many people think that beauty blenders are expensive and not worth the hype. My my my. I used to have a problem that every single foundation looked too cakey or heavy – until using a beauty blender. I tried using my hands, stippling brushes and even the famous Sigma F80 flat top kabuki but every foundation still looked awful. This sponge (more like miracle sponge) makes my foundation go on super easily and not thick at all. Even foundations that I previously rejected and were very close to throwing away look million times better with my beauty blender.

Gimmie Brow
Brows were never important to me and I never understood the difference that they could make. I went into Benefit to get my makeup done for my Debutante (ages ago) and I saw the transformation unfold. I couldn’t believe that this product could make such a difference. I’ve been consistently using this product for a long time now and I have no temptation to try any other brow gels as this one is just that amazing.

Scout Cosmetics Mineral Powder Foundation*
I always thought that powder foundation wouldn’t worked for me. I never had anything to justify this belief – but I believed it! I was sent this mineral powder foundation a couple months ago and I was sceptical until I eventually tried to use it. My makeup routine was seriously transformed. No longer would I be stressed about only having 10 minutes to do my makeup or having to go somewhere and not wanting to use full coverage heavy foundation. This foundation changed my view on mineral powder foundations and since using it I’ve tried a couple other mineral powder foundations but this one is still my favourite.

What have been some makeup game changers for you?
Do you have any tips for cleaning Beauty Blenders?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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