Australis Contour Kit – Is It Worthy Of All The Hype?

I am 100% certain that I am not the first to admit keenly stalking Priceline waiting for a restock of the Australis contour kit. 

I have never owned a contour kit before and I am fairly certain that I don’t need a contour kit – but I wanted it! Why? Because… It’s all my eyes have seen since the day of release & all of the chatter online!

Australis Contour Kit, Is the Australis Contour Kit Worth The Hype
Australis Contour Kit, Is the Australis Contour Kit Worth The Hype

Seriously, after about the 10th or so time checking priceline I hit the jackpot (finally). It was lucky last and I was worried that someone took the product out and kept the box on display to troll me and others – but no, thankfully there was a product inside! 

Now that I’ve picked it up and tried it out, read on to see my thoughts. 

Beginning with the top row. The first colour on the left isn’t one that I reach for, so there isn’t much to say. The middle colour is your typical ‘banana’ powder which goes ontop of your under eye concealer highlight. I personally love this colour and I find that it adds an extra bit of highlight. The colour on the very top right is a great highlighter for my skin tone. I just use my finger and swipe it on the top of my cheek bones. It isn’t increidbly pigmented, but it does add a lovely, glowy sheen.

The bottom row of contour colours is definitely a hit and miss judging other reviews online. I agree that these can appear muddy. However, I have an olive skin tone so it isn’t that much of a problem for me. My personal favourite out of the three would be the middle colour as the others appear fairly orange and too warm for my complexion. 

When using this contour kit I would suggest using a very light hand, as the powder is very fragile and your brush can loosen the powder easily; making it fly everywhere.

Although there is a lot of hype about this product online, I personally don’t think that it is worthy. Sure there are a couple nice colours such as the banana, top right highlight and middle contour – but for me, this contour kit isn’t going to replace my favourite contouring products. 

I do however think that if you are a MUA with clients this is a versatile & cheap product to have in your kit.

Have you tried it before?
Do you think that it is worth the hype?



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