Goats Milk Products Worth The Hype?

Are Goats Milk Products Worth The Hype? If you’re unsure about what they are, where have you been? Goats Milk products have begun taking over the internet. They seem to be everywhere and nearly everyone loves them. Natural Secrets approached me to try some Goats Milk products and my curiosity led me to say yes.

Some claims found on the Natural Secrets website:
– Goats Milk products are environmentally friendly containing no sulphates, petrochemicals and parabens
– Palm Oil used is from sourced, sustainable plantations
– “Natural Secrets Skin Care products relieve dry skin without the use of harsh chemicals, and will leave your skin feeling softer than ever. For all skin types and suitable for dry, itchy or sensitive skin.” – this is perfect for me to put to the test as I currently have a few dry itchy patches on my face.

Goats Milk Products Worth The Hype?

Now into my first-impression / mini review!

Body Cream*: Sinks in really quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky or white residue behind.

Hand Cream*: AMAZING. Sinks in straight away and feels really calming. I’m never one for hand creams but since I’ve had this baby I’ve kept it on my bedside table and use it every night before I sleep. Smells soooooo gooood.

Handwash*: Love this too. It’s replaced my normal handwash. As with the hand cream, it is super calming and with warm water it is bliss! Leaves my hands feeling super smooth.

Shampoo*: Cleans my hair very well and takes away all of the gross-ness.

Conditioner*: It’s okay. It is conditioning but it isn’t the most conditioning product I’ve ever used. Other then trialling it a couple times; I’ve been reaching for my usual conditioners instead, because I prefer a deep moisturising conditioner.

Moisturising Soap (Bar)*: Leaves my skin feeling clean and as smooth a babies.. (you get it).

All in all, my favourite product is by far the hand cream which is really saying something because I hardly use hand-creams… ever. If you were to try one product – the hand cream is the one that I highly recommend. Personally, I will also go out and purchase the Shampoo when it runs out.

Have you tried any Natural Secrets or Goats Milk Products before?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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