How To Edit Instagram Photos On An iPhone

One question that I seem to be asked quite frequently is How To Edit Instagram Photos On An iPhone. I thought, why keep the secrets to myself!? It’s time to share!
Because I don’t want to bore you, I won’t go through every function within each of the apps because it might be too difficult to explain in writing so if you want a more in-depth video on my YouTube channel about some of these applications please just let me know! 

Starting up, this is my photography photo on my iPhone. I love keeping everything together so when I have a photo that I want to edit, it’s super easy. The applications are organised in terms of most to least used.
How To Edit Instagram Photos On An iPhone

1. PicFrame

This is the app that I use for my typical ‘katinalindaabeauty’ watermark on all of my Instagram photos. The app itself is a collage app but it also has some great options, such as labelling.


2. Squaregram
This is the application I use to add the “white border” around my photos ! It’s very customisable again and you can change the thickness of the border which I really like !

3. Moldiv
This is the application I use for special text ! I use this every time I upload a new video to add the “up now live” text on my video thumbnail

4. Camera+
This is the perfect application for adjusting lighting and temperature! It’s a purchased app and I have never regretted it! 

5. Afterlight
I used to use this app on the regular but now I occasionally use this for light leaks or occasional filter layering

6. PicFX
Similar to afterlight with different customisation ! It is also a little easier to layer filters in this app & my favourite set of filters is PFX

7. Reflection 

This is your typical mirror the image application. Super simple to use.

Hope this was informative :)!

Like I said if you have any questions or want to know about an app more please let me know xo



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  • "organised from most to least used" Wouldn't expect anything less from little miss organised!

  • Hahaha of course. -takes a bow